Kent Eskildsen

Logical minded. Creative at heart.

Hi, I am Kent

Let me introduce myself! Currently, I am travelling the world while working remotely.

I am addicted to coffee and obsessed with living a minimalist lifestyle. I like to convince myself I am creative and excel at working independently and remotely. Truth be told,
I am bad at it, yet if I keep convincing myself, I might get there one day.

If I were going to describe myself with three words, it would be diligent, adaptable and a team player.


The world is becoming increasingly interconnected, with different people working together and solving complex issues.  As a generalist, I can step back and acknowledge the wide spectrum of topics, analyze its complex relations and effectively communicate the results.


Critical Analysis

Knowledge Mangement

Design Thinking


Public Administration


2014 - 2016

2011 - 2014

2007 - 2010

Master of Science in Development and International Relations

Aalborg University, Denmark

Bachelor of Science in Political Administration

Aalborg University, Denmark

General Upper Secondary education (STX)

Vejlefjordskolen, Denmark

Work experience

Global Strategy Community Manager

Oxfam: 2019 - current

As part of the Oxfam’s commitment to One Oxfam every ten years, a bottom-up strategy process is initiated to streamline the strategic direction of the confederation. A Global Strategy Team is recruited with the mandate to drive the strategy process; my role as the Community Manager is to design, develop and implement a digital engagement strategy for the Oxfam Strategy process. Facilitate and maintain large-scale community engagement both with internal and external audiences and enable the Global Strategy Team to collect both structured and unstructured data from the 10.000 staff  to empower a bottom-up strategy process that provides input for the Oxfam Executive Board.

International Relation Analyst

AWR Lloyd: 2016 -  2017

As part of the Social Innovation team, I conduct country-, geo- political-, market signal- and peer analysis and assist in business development of the ”Social Innovation Fund”. A fund that leverages disruptive megatrend to identify value-creating opportunities and sustainable corporate strategy in the infrastructure sector in South East Asia.

Head Barista and Bar Manager

Peter Larsens Kaffe: 2012 - 2015

Supervise team members and volunteers at mobile coffee bars and ensure the most effective teamwork. Through this Job, I have developed leadership qualities and gained new practical skills mainly barista, administration and training skills.

Research and Knowledge Management

Oxfam: 2017 - 2019

In order to stay competitive, Oxfam in Indonesia is transitioning their organization towards an ”Influencing” model. During this process, I was assisting Oxfam in Indonesia with drafting funding proposals, enhancing their program quality and organizational effectiveness by improving their knowledge management and research capabilities. My tasks include developing an integrated cross-pillar project management procedure, streamlining and bridging research with funding opportunities, and implementing the one Oxfam digital transition.

Political Administration and Public Diplomacy 

The Royal Danish Embassy: 2015 - 2016

Responsible for the analysis of both domestic and international political situations in Thailand and Cambodia, including their relations with neighbouring countries and partnership with international organizations. With the specific focus on human rights and political stability, the duty also entails information synthesis and production of analytical work and articles for the Embassy.


Native language

Fluent proficiency

Communicative proficiency

Elementary proficiency

Elementary proficiency


Project work has always been a central part of the learning curve at Aalborg University, Denmark. With emphasis on problem-based learning students are encouraged to work in groups, in order to deliver a comprehensive solution to a chosen problem. The projects below, are some samples of my latest and best works. All listed projects share common topics including, energy, politics and international relation. All projects are conducted as group work with the exception of my master’s thesis: Understanding Thailand Energy Policy. 

Understanding Thailand Energy Policy; Trajectories and Changes under the Military Regime


This thesis aims to examine whether the military government has been an influential actor in shaping a new trajectory in Thailand energy policy, hence creating the Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint. In order to understand whether and how the intricate interrelation functions between the Thailand Integrated Energy Blueprint and the military government. The case study will be applied as a research design to analyze such process has undertaken (...)

Shifting Sands in the World Market - A case study: Understanding Saudi Arabia’s motivation behind their oil policy


This paper’s focus will be on illuminating the motivation(s) behind Saudi Arabia’s oil policies, over the last years, especially in concern to the kingdom’s increase in its oil output in 2014, even though it had been asked to cut production by other OPEC-members. In order to gain more knowledge about the incentives behind Saudi Arabia’s oil policies the paper will firstly examine the historical-, political- and economic link between oil and Saudi Arabia (...)

Russian Energy as a tool in Foreign Affairs


This paper will start out by giving the reader an in depth understanding of how Russia became a regional energy power by channelling power from the state-owned company Gazprom into the state apparatus. Hereafter the paper will focus on Ukraine and the crisis the country is undergoing. This insight will later be used to analyze how the crisis in Ukraine is tightly connected to Russian energy politics and western expansionism (...)

Privatization of Dong Energy to Goldman Sachs


This paper will try to understand the decision-making concerning the partnership based on the public company Dong Energy. Here a theoretical choice of the case study has been applied to capture the unique aspects of this case. The purpose of the paper is to answer the following research question, which is the center of the paper's inquiry: “From an economically rationally point of view, on what basis has the Danish government chosen to enter a strategic partnership concerning Dong Energy?” (...)

Digital Nomad 

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